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Affiliated With Kyokushin World Federation(Bodhidharma Martial Arts Reg No. MPM/CA 674/2013 Nehru Yuva Kendra, Malappuram-Kerala Ministry of Youth Affairs And Sports, Govt. Of India Reg No: NYKM/511/2020) At Trainwithchandan.com, we specialize in providing Karate classes, Power Yoga Classes, and Personal fitness training for all age groups.

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Karate is a very popular martial art that also has many styles and forms out of which Kyokushin stands for one of the most effective. 

Kyokushin is the first full-contact bare-knuckle karate that was designed to make it realistic, created by Masutatsu Oyama in the 1960s in Japan. It focuses on close-range fighting where karatekas utilize kicks to the head, body, and legs as well as punches to the upper body area below the neck.

It is widely regarded as a brutal karate system where students and competitors perform bare-knuckle fighting without wearing any protective gear.

Mas Oyama fully understood the nature of Kyokushin Karate as budo karate, a path toward self-perfection through the practice of the martial art: “Karate is the most Zen-like of all the Martial Arts. It has abandoned the sword. This means that it transcends the idea of winning and losing to become a way of thinking and living for the sake of other people in accordance with the way of Heaven. Its meanings, therefore, reach the most profound levels of human thought.

For a long time, I have emphasized that karate is budo, and if the budo is removed from karate, it is nothing more than sport karate, show karate or even fashion karate (the idea of training merely to be fashionable.)

Karate that has discarded budo has no substance. It is nothing more than a barbaric method of fighting or a promotional tool for the purpose of profit. No matter how popular it becomes, it is meaningless.

The philosophy of budo is evident in the name that Mas Oyama chose for his karate style, Kyokushin which means “UltimateTruth”.and the kanji (characters) displayed on the left breast of the dogi can be broken down into individual characters which read KYOKUSHINKAI.

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